Hunting in the Shadows Book Review

Peter Nealen  is fast becoming a guaranteed, legitimate writer and analysis on current world conflicts and the ever changing world of the Marine Corps Special Operations endeavors. His hard hitting analysis and history on many Tier One websites is second to none. If he writes it, I know it is reliable.  It is a rarity that an author can jump back and forth between HistoJournalism and ball busting fiction with equal effectiveness. But if follows that a man who can conquer the most difficult courses and standards that the Marine Corps has to offer can and will master whatever he chooses to lay his sights on.

I have to admit when first reading the series, I was thrown off by the first person narrative. It’s not often that I have been able to keep my attention or interest in First Person fiction that has a lot of ground to cover. As I kept reading, I unknowingly fell right in as rear security for the Team. This book holds uniqueness among the new wave of military fiction. The flow of the action continues from point to point and ratchets higher and higher.

The operational details, language, down to the dead time an Operator spends fighting an irregular war are second to none. This can only come from a person who has been there and done that more than once. What Nealen is giving us is a glimpse inside the mind of a Tier One Operator under very inhospitable circumstances. No detail is left undone yet it is not in the least cumbersome.

Before you read the American Praetorian Series, you might want to clean the rifle, lace up the boots, check and double check your gear because you will be unsure of where you are after a session of reading.  I highly recommend this book and its prequel for people wanting to go to the Sharp End for a new mission.  D.R. Tharp Author of Africa Lost: Rhodesia’s COIN Killing Machine and the Task Force Intrepid Series.

Tier Zero by Hank Brown

There is a quiet revolution going on in the publishing world. Most of it is by indie writers and publishers who have decided to bring back something for men to read. That’s right R-E-A-D. In our day and age of the Internet, 500 cable channels and endless 24 hour a day news and talk shows it appears that this ancient desire has been funneled into 50 shades of Gray, and other tripe.

This has left out the Men in our society from partaking in the most fruitful of all mental occupations. I wish I had a bumper sticker that said, Sit Down, Shut Up and Read a Book. The NYC literati community decided that it was above putting out good quality Mens Adventure series and killing off one of mens previous favorite past time. Reading a rip roaring Adventure story. You might ask, what mental exercise is it to read a gun and run novel?

There are now a select few who are writing to the educated Man, versed in politics, geography and weaponry at a level not so in the past. Novelists worth their Dime rise to that level. When men of this caliber aren’t reading non fiction or the WSJ, in their down time, they like to read an engaging story up to their level.

Hank Brown is one of these writers who has an affinity for the past at his blog and the New Generation of ‘Dude-Lit’ as he calls it at

His newest novel it Tier Zero that meets up the past with the present. His surviving characters from the gritty Hell and Gone meet up for a ‘one last time’  mission to rescue the daughter of Tommy ScarredWolf from sex traffickers and pirates in the south seas.

Etching in commonalities of the silent majority of men’s men, he crafts a story that moves along at a good pace bringing us to a story that is full of action, intrigue and Shock and Awe. Tier Zero is the best of both ages of Dude-Lit. I highly recommend this book to fans of Men’s Adventure and Military Fiction. While you’re at it scarf up the prequel, Hell and Gone.  At 4.99 on your Kindle, you wont be disappointed. D.R. Tharp